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Hand dyed and Handwoven Shibori Shawl (SOLD)
Hand dyed and Handwoven Shibori Shawl (SOLD)
24.5" x 86.5"

Shibori shawl as presented in a local gallery for a show. (Photograph by my dear friend and talented photographer, Deborah Young). I love how the photograph showcases the iridescence of the blues and greens in this piece.
These one-of-a kind shawls are an item you will reach for time and time again. Whether traveling on an airplane or attending a concert on the lawn. The Tencel yarn has the feel of silk but does not wrinkle, so the perfect piece to pack along for your travels. (I don't make these very often due to the labor-intensity of the work. This is the last one I'll have for the foreseeable future).