watersideweaver.com                        Beth Burns
I am a fiber artist and retired Fisheries Biologist who has lived on Roanoke Island for over 34 years. I prefer to work with a variety of natural fibers and superfine threads (silk, wool, cotton, linen, tencel, bamboo). A fascination with wool has naturally evolved to the incorporation of felted fibers into some of the hand woven works, and "Nuno Felting" with silk and merino wool. Recent creations incorporate "echo printing", a natural dying technique where plants are printed onto the felted wool or silk fabrics. All work highlights uniquely dyed yarns and silks for original work and true pieces of "wearable art". I especially love to utilize wool from own small flock, which in addition to beautiful fleeces, provide daily purpose and peace. The flock resides at Island Farm, Manteo, N.C., currently consists of Merino and Romney sheep, and provides flexibility in my work. I have always known I wanted to weave, but circumstances did not come together until 1996 when the individual instruction of mentor Ferne Winborne's remarkable passion for fiber and her love of natural dyes were infectious and will be with me forever.