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Merino Wool (Cabernet) & Tencel Scarf (Black)
Merino Wool (Cabernet) & Tencel Scarf (Black)
13" x 66"

This super soft, warm, and large scarf was handwoven with wool from my very own flock; thanks to my two white Merino's, Ferne and Lily. On loom, the scarf was woven to 100". However, when dyed and washed, the wool felts but the Tencel does not, producing an interesting "collapsed weave" or puckering texture on the surface.
These scarves are the epitome of the "slow clothes movement". The sheep were raised on Roanoke Island, their fleece was organically processed into yarn at Green Mountain Spinnery, VT, then handwoven and dyed by me on Roanoke Island. I am certain it will be a favorite for many years to come.
*The first time I made these scarves, they were featured in an international book of felted works, "500 Felt Objects". They are another example of me coming full circle back to my favorite works.